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acquiring ammo from immobilized jeeps

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This can be a bit of a struggle at times. I ordered a soldier into an immobilized Kubel wagon to acquire rounds but he kept jumping out. I had to hit the escape key just as he got in, transferred the ammo. Is this something that can be done if in close proximty to the vehicle? Im thinking soldiers don't like to jump in the drivers seat of an immobilized jeep.

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You may have a glitch... I've had no trouble in WeGo getting troops to plunder immobilised vehicles of their goodies. Sounds like you're in RT land; perhaps things are different there.

Hmmm. In one WEGO battle I tried to get a team to mount a disabled jeep to scrounge ammo and it wouldn't climb in. Haven't had the occasion to try that again, so I might have done something wrong.


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