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Question about purchasing formations

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When designing a scenario - if I understand correctly, I have to buy a complete formation (for example, a battalion) and then delete the parts of the formation I don't want to use.

But as I can't delete the HQ unit (for example, battalion HQ), how do I do if I don't want that unit to be deployed? If I only want a single platoon?

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Once you've pruned it to just the HQ structure and the platoon, you can delete the company and battalion HQs. You have to start at the bottom with the Company HQ, and get rid of any XO squads or ancillary vehicles first.

I haven't tried delting the PltHQ in scenario editor, but I'm sure you must be able to as I've seen scenarios where the HQs for the platoons are not present, but there's a Company HQ. Maybe you just have to designate the unwanted elements as non-arriving reinforcements.

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