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Worst map possible

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One huge warehouse-like building covering the whole map, with internal walls and doors at random.

Wow, you're good! And by that I mean bad :D That really would be quite possibly the most horrendous map ever made, worse still if it was all created using the tallest but smallest buildings.

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I would combine Erwin's impassible terrain with Martyr's warehouse and surround the whole thing with steep hills.

Why would anybody even bother playing on such a map? Morbid curiosity, maybe? As a thought-experiment on the elements needed to suck the fun out of a game, this thread might have some puurpose, so here's an escalation:

Divide the map into four zones each a bit like Splinty's combination of nightmares. Have a broadish cross of relatively passable terrain separate the sectors, then fill the gap with bridges. Especially tall bridges over short bridges over roads. Make sure there's a mix of good and bad terrain on bridges near each other. Make sure the setup zones are not in the same sector as any VLs.

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And of course don't forget to give the US AI several dozen batteries of rocket artillery, and have them deliver it liberally to the entire map. Also give the player only 10 minutes to reach the objective. Give him a battalion of immobilized K├╝belwagens at the start, then reinforce him with a single truck and a green sniper team (half strength and severely low ammo) after five minutes.

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Barbed wire. Everywhere. One platoon of engineers locked in a small setup zone with enemy trps all over it.

Trucks. Lots of them with no room to manuever and nowhere to hide.

Large arbitrary elevation changes, after all whats the point of a horrible and unwinnable scenario if the map is pretty to look at.

Reinforcements arriving within LOS of enemy AT guns. Theres an unplayable stock CMSF scenario that starts your mech company in sight of enemy T72s. Like within 200m if them on wide open ground. We can learn something from that.

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