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Model Quality ????

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Hi guys..

Took the plunge and finally got it. As well as Shock-force and all the modules.

And between the 2 games one thing REALLY isnt clear. And is NOT described well at all in the manual :(

Call me old or blind, but i see NO difference in Fastest to Best in Model Quality. What i DO see is a Dramatic drop in FPS the Model Quality set to Best.

I DO see i HUGE graphic difference in Texture quality When set from fastest to Best with NO FPS hit..

So can someone please enlighten an old guy on this issue please?



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The graphics quality only changes the LOD distances. LOD is level of detail, at certain distances the model is swapped for lower quality versions and then removed altogether (for performance), so setting the graphics up means that models are rendered at greater distances but also extends the distance of the various lods, so full quality might be 0m to 50m at balanced but on highest it may be 150m or something.

I don't think it updates until you move your camera though.

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Thxs for the reply mate..

Well from where i am sitting Model Quality set to fastest is the best. I don't see the point of having it any higher than that.. Well for me as I'm not seeing the LOD change until I'm about 100m away which is FINE!!!

This means i have up to 70 FPS or more. AA and shadows on! Wonderful!!

I've read of people having TERRIBLE performance and there systems are way better than MINE!!!

So I'm wondering if there Model Quality is cranked up too much! Because for me at any rate Model Quality is a fps KILLER plain and simple.. But as i said that just my system

Anyway my system specs are:

Intel 9650Q Quad core

8 gig ram at 887 speed

ATI 4890 Black Edition

11.7 Drivers

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The single biggest improvement I made to performance of my game was finding the 'widescreen' hotkey by accident. It took months. If you haven't tried it, and you have a widescreen display, do it now. Lord only knows why it is not defaulted when a 16:9 resolution is selected, pretty poor form.

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