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CMA and QB cherry picking

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For a small QB battle? It would usually be a platoon. With Soviet Army or DRA it is a motor rifle platoon in either BMPs or BTRs.

With Soviet Airborne it is a platoon with either BMDs or very rarely a platoon on foot.

Sadly though more often than not you will be saddled with a completely useless and unlikely platoon to be conducting such a mission, such as an airborne anti-tank platoon, or the company weapons platoon.

This often leaves you no choice but to restart the mission and hope for a better allotment of troops.

CAS and other artillery assets that are outside the company or battalion structure are also sadly seldom assigned to you in QBs in CMA.

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Unfortunately the QB system will not be changed in the future for CMA. The same is true for CMSF also; it will not see such an upgrade either.

CMA will receive at least one more additional patch. I don't know the exact contents of this patch, but I guess it should address a lighting bug with Nvidia drivers, possibly some memory fixes that we added to CMSF and some other small details. Unfortunately, as with CMSF, there will be no major changes/improvements to the game (such as the QB system), just some fixes.

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Remember you can always pick up a QB map, bring it into the editor, hand-place forces of your own choosing, then resave as a 'normal' scenario. The QB AI order sets will remain in place. If you spend an evening doing up a dozen of 'em its likely you wil have lost track of the placed force mix when you get around to playing it. So you'll have a dozen hand-'cherrypicked' scenarios to play. After those dozen are done throw them out and repeat the process. Easy as pie.

If you're REALLY industrious you could even go in and 'massage' the AI orders to better match the forces on the map. :)

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