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Petition for more rail curves!

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It might be possible to do this via modding. We won't know for certain until someone tries. But I don't think it's going to happen. Ever. Not by us or BFC, at least in this game.

Why? Three reasons; 1) It would probably be hell to get them to line up properly, and, more importantly, 2) all the curved rails on every single map or scenario out there would be out of whack, because they were built on the original configuration. 3) Even if such a mod were made, it only works if each and every player/designer is willing to use the mod, which seems highly unlikely.

It's nice to dream, but I wouldn't hold my breath on this one.

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Someone (not me) could always try modding the wide highway tiles which are pretty rare in 1944 Normandy and which offer 90, 45 and 22.5deg options into railbeds. Unfortunately, they'd still behave like nice smooth boulevards for vehicles to zoom down, which railbeds certainly are not in RL.

Thought of that too, but OTOH I very much like (modded) highway for use as city pavement & sidewalks. :)

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