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New file at the Repository: marsh pattern camouflage (2011-08-02)

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Wouldn't it be more considerate to have a picture so we can decide if we want to spend time downloading and opening it up. Plz remember that we're not all students. Time is valuable.

Sorry, that there are pictures missing before downloading it. I post it but didn't work (maybe wrong format). I promise for further mod's you see it. But for now, you can see pictures for every unit pack inside the pdf file after downloading it.

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Some information about the Mod:

I'm also not an expert about uniforms or wwII and don't like to be one. I just made these because I think it is more realistic and better than gray uniforms. I looked for pictures and information in the internet. I found pictures with different uniform mixed together - also that units made their close at the frontline. - units had loses were replaced - look the variation that exists (only summer camouflage)

( Note: Possible not correct- just what I found in the Internet)

Name: Reichswehr Splittermuster 31 Used: 1931 –> 1945

Name: plane-tree pattern Used: 1939 –> 1942

Name: smoke camouflage pattern Used: 1939 –> 1944

Name: Italian three color camouflage Used: 1939 –> 1945

Name: oak leaf pattern Used: 1943 –> 1945

Name: Sumpfmuster 44 (marsh pattern camouflage) Used: 1944 –> 1945

Name: Erbsenmuster pea pattern Used: 1944 –> 1945

Name: Reichswehr Splittermuster 45 1945 light absorbing and infa-red protection

Name: Leibermuster( body pattern ) Used: end of war light absorbing and infa-red protection

This is the reason organized the packs. Together with other uniform mod's you have now great choice to find one you like. People how made other uniform mod's did also great job!!!

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