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Setup Zones Reveresed in QBs v.1.01

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With increasing frustration, I have twice now had an attack PBEM QB game (ver. 1.01) result with the attacker and defender zones being reversed at start-up, that is to say, the handpicked forces of my defending forces wind up setting up on the opposite side of the map from the area which is to be defended, clearly making this appear to be the setup zone of the attacker. I wish I had the ability to screenshot this, but don't, yet my description of this hopefully is clear enough. I can email this PBEM file to any beta testers or the like that would like to see this for themselves.

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Thanks, your comment drew my attention to a missed detail, that the setup zones are static, which is now apparent when loading it into the editor. I assumed like most games, that this game would adjust to change the setup zones based on who was attacker vs. defender, rather than by what side was chosen. Problem solved, thanks.

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