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Finished Panzers Marsch!--Great Campaign, thank you.

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Not sure who to thank for the fun (and frustration) I had playing PM! The starting notes give credit to the "BFC Beta Team" (?--I think) but I recall seeing individual names on the battles.

In any case, great effort, kept me going until the end with multiple replays of at least two of the battles. I like the combo of tactical problems along with strategic dilemmas to solve. Just about drove me nuts trying to get through one very tough map in 40 or 30 minutes--didn't see how it could be done--but I did it and more satisfying for the challenge.

Thanks again, guys.

Max Molinaro

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I know what you mean - I have finally reached the last mission, and man, is all my stuff depleted and in bad shape... and I really tried to conserve. My Panthers are in especially bad shape - in the engagement before the finale 3 of 5 were immobilized, some had their optics knocked out, one lost a crewmember... but they destroyed 17 American tanks and 13 armored vehicles, with no destroyed Panther in return. Repairs appear to be pretty shoddy, with tracks especially one step away from destroyed on two vehicles, and Ammo, especially HE, is down to single digits in some.

This will be interesting...

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How did you approach mission 3 (on iPad ATM, can't check)?

It's still night and your racing ahead to exploit the breach, expecting to face a nrpew force plus remnants from the previous mission?


I believe it's a ME, as it's the first time troops are coming at you. There is a bridge in the middle pf the map and they are supported by tanks.

I couldn't figure out where the best place to meet them is. Any hints would be appreciated.

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I asked about this mission on here as well... Solution: dig in on your side of the bridge and use a unit or two to hold the objective. Then drive through with some stuff onto the exit objective. I left the road before reaching the Farm/Village and went into the field left of it. Then went for ceasefire - minor victory I think it was.

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What I did was a two pincer attack - one group striking from the (viewed from your starting position) extreme left, the other from the right.

Suppressing fire on suspected positions, some Arty for good measure, then move up to the bocage to have excellent view of the big fields. After I had those positions it was like shooting fish in a barrel. I lost 15 men or so all told, the Americans more than 10 times that.

What not to do: run up in force without having at least some knowledge of where the enemy positions are...

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