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Possible Bug in Parachute Specialist Team Selection?

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I went to play DeSavage's sharp little battle "Mouse Trap," and though it took me a while, I finally noticed that the bazooka team and one scout team were wearing the US infantry uniform, not the Paratrooper threads. I thought maybe Desavage had inadvertently chosen specialist teams from a regular infantry formation, but after a half dozen tests, it wasn't him. It's either a post-patch bug or my system has gone all barmy and such. [sorry I ever doubted you, Desavage, you never let us down before.:)]

Imade a new battle file, chose a Paracute battalion, got rid of everything but an HQ, then chose Specialist Teams (from airborne infantry), starting at the top of the list and purchasing one of each from the top down. Then deployed them. I did this 5 times. The first team of any that have more than one option, like scouts or bazookas, is in the parachute uniform, and other teams of that type are in the infantry uniform. Single teams, like the BAR, are in the infantry uniform only.

The ones that get the wrong uniform are:

scout team 2

FO team 2

sniper team 2

light mortar and bearers

57mm and bearers

.50 cal hvy mg

BAR team

bazooka teams 2 and 3

breach team 2

Is this a post-patch bug?

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I don't think anything changed, and it is not a bug, per se. Where there are two of the same type of team listed (i.e. Scout Team), one is parachute infantry and the other is glider infantry. Scout team 2 is not bugged, it is glider infantry.

The problem is there are a number of specialist teams where only a parachute or glider version is available, not both.

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