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QB add advanced options

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ok it's just, in QB, to maintain a certain standard settings to not confuse the players.

But it would also be interesting to have some additional options.

I am referring to the scores, and the relationship between objective of unity and terrain.

So why not add (only for to those interested) the ability to manually change the scores.

example (this is the standard setting for ME):

Unit obj -> 600 pt Terrain obj -> 400 pt

or the ratio between the two Unit obj /Terrain obj -> 3/2

Another possibility would be to take the points as set in the QB map.

Infinite for the length of battle please add also the options 35, 40, 50 and 55 minutes.

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I'd really like to be able to change the point limits, however I'm not so sure about the objectives and the ratios, I think that could cause problems - too much focus on the objective and you get an unrealistic click-fest where your units mean nothing while too much focus on units would cause issues for many maps. I can't really think of a time where you would want to change it from the default.

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I think it is entirely acceptable for players to customise maps and scenarios to suit their own preferences in QB providing that they then do not 'publish' the scenario in any way and certainly not as their own even if they've 'only borrowed' a corner of someone else's map.

I'm not a great proponent of QB but whenever I have played them in CM1 as pbem or in CMBN vAI I/we have always chosen a map and conditions which suit my/our requirements. I would certainly recommend doing so to avoid disappointment.

At the moment I think players are expecting the QB engine to do too much and a little more hands-on effort and preparation would be rewarded.

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