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The Monk's Wine.. Redux

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Hi all,

Here is rev B of The Monk's Wine...

I have lengthened the scenario to make it a little easier to setup artillery assets, as some have complained. I have also made some subtle changes to the elevation and the approach vectors (making it a little more obvious on how one might attack the bluff).

No force adjustments and the AI is still using the same plans, albeit slightly tweaked with the added length.

If you want to download it before it's up on the repository.

Please click HERE

Here is the intro:


This is a fictional scenario

The scenario is a German Armored Recon assault against a depleted American Airborne company shortly after D-Day.

The German on the attack has an ever increasing set of assets come on-line over the course of the 55 minute battle. This includes a host of assault guns and infantry cannon to support the drive to taking back the Monastery perched on bluff overlooking a broad swath of the Normandy plain.

The Americans have a depleted airborne company that has recently taken over the position and is awaiting reinforcement. A small armored cavalry support column is expected to show up to reinforce the Americans, but time is ticking.

If the German player can neutralize the American Ant-armor threat, and bring their assault guns up to drive the advance, they can win handily. However, if they choose to rush and try to overwhelm the Americans quickly, they are in for a surprise.

The American and Germans both have AI plans and it's probably best played as the German, but equally as fun as the American. The German player wins by taking the Monastery. The Americans win by holding the Monastery, which is perched on a high overlooking the battlefield.

The Americans on the other hand need to closely monitor their assault alleys and manage resources. If they can remain focused on their objectives, they should hold the Monastery.

There is not a lot of room for maneuver, so the German is forced to move up, hopefully neutralizing the kill boxes before the casualties force retreat. Hopefully the map is as close to reality as possible, with sunken roads and foliage that closes resembles real life and not "green acres"..

This is a minor tweak of the original scenario that was a little shorter and some complained that the cannon did not have enough room to fire on positions, so the scenario has been lengthened it to accommodate those artillery assets.

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Am excited to get another version. But, your d/l site is a bit of a pisser. One clicks on the slower free d/l and you get an ad and heaven knows what else tries to "get" to you.

I really hope you'll upload to the Repository or CMMODS. I think I will wait for that. These third party d/l sites scare the crap out of me (security-wise).

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