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Mg Positioning

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I have 1.01.Any advice on getting mg teams to properly face the enemy.I put the 6 man American mg team in the 2nd flr with a covered arc facing known enemy units.I take a closer look and I see some of the guys with rifles facing the enemy, but my main weapon the mg pointing back at friendly positions.Is there away to get the mg to point at the enemy?

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It´s too oftenly a major problem, getting a squads or teams "main" weapon (LMG, HMG) positioned within an action spot, to let it have desired LOS/LOF.

During initial "setup" game phase, you can shuffle between random team/squad member patterns, by using the same face command repeatedly, until the desired pattern occurs.

It´s not applicable during the running game though.

Houses is a special breed, the more if you attempt to position too many soldiers at too few windows and openings. A large, multi (5-6) windowed story still provides barely enough firing positions for any full infantry squad, facing at a SINGLE direction. []-> Usually you end up with 2 or more soldiers positioned at the same window or some falling back to the rear or wrong wall. So more often than not, it´s advisable to split squads and have the "heavy" section cover a particular wall and move the remaining squad members either to a rear wall, or to a different story of the same building. This gives more of an all around fighting position with better spread of soldiers to available windows. You can also put the "assault" team on hide, let it be the counter assault reserve for an enemy unit coming too close and penetrate the building.

Generally, putting a full HMG team of six to a single wall with less than 3-4 windows, is a gamble, the more if using a "covered arc" right from the start.

Usually I use the following procedure to get window/wall coverage right:

#1. Have the right amount of soldiers cover available windows (split squads or avoid entirely).

#2. Use a "face" command generally perpendicular to the wall to cover. []-> ( if house is within a block of adjoining houses).

Single houses or houses offering more than one wall to cover a particular enemy direction, I give a 45° "face" command []/ or []\ #1. still needs to apply.

#3. Have a "hide" and/or very short 360° covered arc combined with the face command, in order to get the soldiers to their intended fighting positions undisturbed (...from the enemy).

#4. IF soldiers got positioned halfway right, THEN either unhide or apply a covered arc very similar to the previously given face command (center of covered arc = face command spot).

For me, the procedures work reasonably well, although results aren´t still wholly predictable, the more if a unit is already in combat, suppressed, and so on.

If I need to cover a very small arc from a single wall (city block house and field of view below 30° along a city street) []/ \[] ...I either set facing to opposite direction []\ or perpendicular []->, in order to have the wall/windows all occupied first. The opposite corner "face" command []\ distributes more soldiers in the lower right corner, finally enabling most of them to engage []/ ...#1, #3 and #4 still need applied first.

...hopefully I made it halfway clear with given examples. :)

Oftenly one gets the desired, individual squad/team pattern, by facing AWAY from the "logical" direction. Also works with HMG teams in foxhole positions, although the random shuffeling within teams/squads can´t be entirely overcome.

I´ve yet more to experiment with the "face" command, to influence squad/team member individual positions and obviously it also makes a difference, what map spot is clicked finally. The game manual gives the necessary hints. Clicking different points along the same axis, yields to different positioning within a team/squad. Thus a "face" map click at an open spot 20m in front of a units position, gives a different result from a "face" map click 200m away in different terrain.

Edit: After some forum search I found TheVulture explaining the issue in different, yet less complicated ways:


And yet another useful one, applicable in CMN:


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