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Released: The Italian Campaign Mod


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Available now at GaJs Mods Warehouse

The Mod consists of several packages that can be combined together, creating a modded version of CMBN that will give the impression of the Italian Theatre. The mod only affects the graphics used by the game, so no other changes will happen.

To use these packages, unzip them and put them into your Z folder in “Data”. If you haven’t got a Z folder you’ll have to create one yourself.

The Italian Campaign Mod 1.0 consists of;


sdp_ITA_basic pack

This pack will change the look of the buildings, milestones, posters, horizons and some trees/bushes. This pack may be used regardless of which time of year you’d like to simulate.

The trees included are variants meant to represent evergreens; olive trees (tree 4), cypress trees (tree 2) and pine trees (tree 5).

This pack will work nicely with the stock terrain in creating an impression of an Italian summer landscape.



sdp_ITA_winter terrain

This pack will change the look of the terrain into a winter landscape of southern/mid Italy.

Snow is included (the sand tile is substituted with a snow tile), but apart from that this winter terrain is meant to represent the parts of Italy that gets cold and rainy during wintertime, but isn’t snow covered.

To get the real cold and damp feeling to your maps, use overcast, mist, rain or any possible combination of these settings.



This uniform mod affects german heer infantry. Since this version depicts muddy uniforms it is best suited for winter battles.


sdp_ITA_HG Div

This uniform mod affects Hermann Goering Division infantry. This version is suitable for Anzio scenarios where the HG Division took part during the winter of 44´.

It’s higly recommended to use mjkerners Italian Campaign US Patches Mod Part I and II for the US troops together with this mod pack.

Known Issues

- problems with buildings/windows not showing correctly; some of the commercial buildings will show an odd phenomena when viewed from the inside - the front facade will be displayed in the windows and doors. I’ve struggled to get rid of this, but haven’t managed to solve it. It is only visible from the inside of the buildings on the first floor.

- renderings of trees; tree models have several levels of detail - lods - that can’t be changed by modding. This will lead to the variants of trees which are bare being rendered in a less than optimal way in this mod - from just trunks from semi far away to fully detailed trees close up.



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Great timing, sdp. I'm just leaving work for home, so I have all weekend to devour this. It looks great from the screenies, and I know it had to be an enormous amount of work!

Thanks for the endorsement of my patches mod, but I am going to re-do it using EZ's excellent US uniform/face mods. I should have them done by tomorrow.

I will start working on some scenarios for this, too.

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Amazing work, and in astoundingly short time!

Just to be clear: If I put this mod in my z folder, will it automatically put the game in the Italian theater (replacing all my uniforms and terrain, etc., even in Normandy scenarios?)

Would it be better to set this aside in a separate subfolder of its own, and put it into Z only when I want to play an actual Italian battle?

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sdp, I just had a look see into the files for this mod. Absolutely astounding all of the work you had to have put into this! This is really a boost for CMBN since you've singlehendedly created a whole new operational theater for us. I for one can't thank you enough!

Cheers mate!

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OMG sdp this is incredible,impressive,stunning,spectacular.I'm not sure there are enough adjectives to describe what you've done.

Suddenly I'm in Italy.

Many many thanks.


Would it be better to set this aside in a separate subfolder of its own, and put it into Z only when I want to play an actual Italian battle?

I've made a seperate z folder and put it in a folder called sdp's extravaganza.Then i can just swop z folders out to suit.

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Wonderful job. Thanks. I think I may use some of the mods in regular CMBN. I love the muddy/faded German uniforms which should be good in any theater.

And yes, best thing is to create a new Z folder called Italian Z or summat.

One of my surprises in CM2 however, is that after all that work, the buildings still look like' they are toys dropped into a flat base. All straight clean lines between building and ground. No damage, shrubbery to disguise the join etc even tho so much work went int the the bocage and shrubs in the game.

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Thanks for the praise - hope it will inspire you to do some italian scenarios :-) About folders: well, I myself have arranged my mods in "mod collections" - i.e all the mods I like for one theatre are put in the same folder, all the mods for another theatre in another folder. Right now I got two; The Normandie Collection and the Italian collection ;-)

Some mods can be used in both theatres, those I have put permanently in the Z folder, outside of the "mod collections".

oh, and btw, no vehicle mods are included in these mod packages. A vehicle mod with muddy "winter" vehicles will released later. So, no yellow camo vehicles.



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sdp, I started on a map of the Castle Hill/Cassino Town area for putting together scenarios for the 3rd Battle of Cassino, using Google Earth, a map pack I got from you somehow [i don't recall if you sent it to me or I downloaded it from somewhere] and other maps from an exhaustive web search. It's about 1800m x 1800m. I hope it will be done by the time the Commonwealth module is out. (I will be using thousands of rubble flavor objects, I imagine! A real pain to push around action spots!)

P.S. Anyone know if there is a way to change the grass green area that surrounds the CMBN maps? I thought it was "Distant Ground" texture but no joy when I "Italicize" it for sdp's mod. I can't seem to find the texture for it, or is it a imbedded code thing?

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@ mjkerner: nice, lookin forward to it! AFAIK it's "distant ground" that's used for the area surrounding the maps. There's one included in the winter version of the mod package, but the summer version of the mod uses the stock one.

@ Erwin; I've done about 1/3 of the vehicles included. Will take some more time to get the others done I'm afraid...

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