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Will the patch be applied to the free demo?

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DuckEFuzz suggested, "surely after playing the game you haven't been able to resist the inevitable purchase of the full game." Duck, if you look around for my posts on other threads, you'll see I'm not enjoying CM:BN at all. Despite having spent well over 100 hours on my iMac trying to learn the game and follow instructions / suggestions I've read in posts on other threads, I still can't even control my views of the map, much less get my units to perform successfully.

I really want to like this game, largely because I greatly enjoyed CMBO-CMBB-CMAK, right from the first download of the CMBO demo. I'll probably buy the full game when my retired cash flow gives me $50 in excess of my unpaid bills, but that's only because I enjoyed the original series of WWII games so much.

I only asked about the patch to see whether I should download the demo again. Everything I've read about the patch says it won't affect problems I've been having.

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The fixes & changes, though there were seventy of them, weren't exactly earth-shaking. The demo is still 99.97% the finished game.

I vaguely recall playing the updated CMSF v1.07(?) Demo after it had languished at v1.03 for awhile. I gasped at the difference in gameplay. The current changes are welcome but not exactly 'gaspworthy'.

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Despite having spent well over 100 hours on my iMac trying to learn the game

I'm really sorry to hear that MOS, i havent got a mac so cant really comment on any issues you have with that, and not that you want to hear this but for me the game runs great, and i think probably one of the best games i've played.

Only hope you manage to resolve the issues your having and are able to enjoy the game as much as i am.

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We will update the Demo. But if someone doesn't like v1.00 Demo, I seriously doubt v1.01 will change the equation any.

MOS, did you see my suggestion in another thread? What I think you should do is try to figure out why you're having such a hard time with the controls. Clearly you're having way more problems with it than anybody else posting here, therefore I'm pretty confident that with a bit of discussion you can get over whatever hump you're stuck on the wrong side of. Because factually speaking, there is nothing so wrong with the UI to cause the sorts of problems you've described. It's easy to say that because otherwise everybody would be having similar problems as you are. And nobody would be able to play in RT, not to mention kick arse in RT :D


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