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I apply the new patch to my CMSF. I have tha base, marines an british (no nato). And i checked (at the patch installer) the all checkbox except the nato and everything went fine. But when I started a mission, everything was wrong:

eg. a Bradly has a strange name: panzersomfink. and the Javelin name was Republican Guard... etc.

What's this? How can i fix it?

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Thanks! Two questions:

1. if i uninstall cmsf, how can i unregister? Or if i reinstall to the same PC, dont i need register again?

2, i downloaded the patch at the office, and AV detected something there (but i clicked to ignore) and i intalled at home, but the AV (different than the office) didn't triggered. Was it the problem?

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I can't recall why these issues happen, but you'll see reports in the past of people upgrading CMSF and finding 'Tigers' and other WWII hardware suddenly mentioned in some of the screens. A clean install seems to be the quickest solution.

If you are reinstalling the games to the same operating system, then you don't need to unlicense them. If you do intend to move CMSF to a different computer, then you WILL want to unlicense them BEFORE uninstalling. Make sure that they're unlicensed before uninstalling.

Here's our Knowledgebase article on reinstalling CMSF and its modules.

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