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New Scenario: Assault at Huberderie

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Soon in the repository.






Huberderie, near Periers, 20 km west of St Lo. Cotentin Peninsula, Normandy.

Mist and fine rain. Light wind.

Units from the117th Batallion of the 30th American Division and the743rd Armored Battalion exploit a gap in the enemy lines and move southwest to crack the next nut.

You are in charge of Company B, with three platoons of men hardened in battle. You can count on the support of three mortars, two machine guns, bazookas and 81mm mortar section with little ammunition. Three Shermans from the 743rd Battalion have been sent to your aid.

This battle is purely fictional. Even so, the units appearing in the briefing actually participated in the area at that time, both the 117th Battalion from the 30th Division and Panzer Lehr units clashed in this area. The map design is pure FANTASY, I have spent many hours (and many coffees) to create a tactically interesting map which offers many options.

Hope that you like it.

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Struggling with the AI. That was the toughest part. There is no way that one can keep the AI hidden and effectively ambush or unhide. If you Hide them, they only fight back if attacked (what makes them be pinned anyway before the fight starts) and if you tell them to ambush to 300m they are VERY visible so you can destroy from outside that range and they won´t even shoot. AI plans add some replayability, but the problem remains the same.

It may be a misunderstanding on my part, but it´s tougher to create not H2H scenarios now, unless you give the AI Crack skills and kilometres of (metal?)bocage to fight from.

Even in Iron Mode, the Fog of War is not that,...foggy. Every question mark tells the player where exactly there is an unhidden enemy unit. Even if it´s in Heavy Forest and hasn´t still shoot. Area Fire and you are sure to suppress or destroy them, so it makes life harder for designers not to have a CMx1-like Hide command or the possibility to set Arcs in the Deployment phase of the design. Cover Arcs for the AI defender in the Setup Phase would be great indeed as they would allow the AI to remain hidden and effectively shoot when you want them, instead of using 150m,300m, 1000m ranges while unhidden.

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Fuser. I think the map has a lot of good stuff. BF only providing crappy bends in the rails to choose from make it quite difficult to get a good look.

I see the bridge was a late addition and I do have a problem with the rails under the bridge. So I was wondering if at some previous stage the Allies had blown it and subsequently the rubble had been cleared off the track. You could then raise it level with the station.

The destroyed bridge would of course been a humpback bridge to provide clearance for the track :) .

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I have just downloaded what I take to be ver 2.1 as that is what is says at Cmmods. The designers notes stop at Beta 5 - is there an area within the scenario where players can check thye are playing the same version ?

I ask because in years to come there may be early versions on hard drives that mix with later versions to peoples surprise! I have seen nastiness occur when people claim to have played the same game and decide to play an old scenario - which for one of them is distinctly wrong!! Of course against the AI scenarios should not be a problem .... apart from when people discuss them. The added ATG or tank of Version 3 can cause great confusion in discussing with somoen who played V.2.99 : )

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I replaced the old version (only 10 downloads already at the time I did it) with the version 2.1. The Designer Notes still at Beta 5 since I didn´t want to spoil the fun with the newest changes made. I Uploaded 2.1 to the Repository too, so no problem with people playing different versions of the scenario.

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Fuser, I started in on this last night in WEGO, which I usually don't do but wanted to watch the action down-low and repeatedly as things developed. Why? Because this map is soooo good. I really like the way the elevations, tree lines, sight lines and objects all fit together in a very natural way. Truly, a great job and I will be using this map for my own homegrown scenarios in the future.


Did I mention that a SPOILER ALERT has been issued?

One thing I really liked is that the map is open enough, and the Germans are obviously concentrated in and near the village, so that it took me about 10 turns to get into contact. I used scout teams and leap-frogged units up to the RR line. I always like to do that, not only because it is just a good, historical tactic, but also because it builds the tension, and buddy, that worked like a charm in this one! But in many scenarios, you hit the MLR very quickly and don't have the "luxury" of reconning on the move to contact like you do here.

Oh, and one of the enemy's AT assets ambushed a H/T before I spotted the trouble, so your AI is at least partly working! Only two casualties, though, the H/T driver (the H/T is kaput too) and another GI, but one of my Shermans blasted the pillbox easily--I'm sure there are more to come--and I sent two 'zooka teams with a half squad in support to flank that bastige Panther on the hill on my right flank. I hope it doesn't have alot of infantry in support.

Great scenario and I'm only now starting to get into the sh*t. Gotta l love this game!

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GLAD that you are enjoying this. Some might say 40+turns is too short to acomplish the objectives, but it is intended to be hard. And you may have to play it more than once to achieve both objectives. LOS, sight lines were,..um,...trully a headache, and worked on it really hard, thought of them as a help for the AI, but without letting the terrain being too restrictive. You can try different approaches, each with its difficulties. Good luck, you may need it!

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I just finished my first go at this - a major defeat. Basically I ran out of time.

**** Spoilers ******

I tried a wide flanking move around the right - 1 platoon to seize the woods on the hill and then use a platoon mounted in half-tracks to grab the far objective. Meanwhle he third platoon, plus the late arrival tanks pushed up the far left flank.

Clearing the woods took too long (that damn Stug), nearly 15 minutes - though the Panther died without causing any casalties. However, once they were clear I was horrified to find that there were no, that is to say not one, openings in the bocage around the end objective! The left flank just got bogged down, cleared the woods but not the town - minimal casualties but also not enough progress.

I can testify that under 1.01 trenches provide much better protection than under 1.0.

Thanks for a great scenario, I'll try again.

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Well, at the second attempt I emerged with a tactical victory and I think that will have to do. Without more mortar/artillery support I don't think I am going to do any better.

This time around I had 30-odd infantry casualties, plus one half track destroyed and one Sherman immobilized. The Panther survived though - I just didn't have enough assets to tkae the right flank and the objectives.

A good scenario.

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