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GeForce on Win2000 w/o Corruption--It is possible!


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Well, I just got my hands on a nice, generic nVidia GeForce2 Pro card last night, and went and installed it. And I have managed to get CM running under windows 2000 without a hint of corruption. Here is the setup:


Celeron 533A running at 800mhz

384mb RAM (generic PC133)

Abit BH6 Mobo, 440BX chipset

Hitachi CM715 Monitor


Win 2000 SP2

14.60 Drivers

DX 8.0a


All I needed to do was force 2x FSAA, and switch to 1280x960 @ 75hz mode and CM has looked great. This also worked on my old GeForce2 MX, but the card could not handle the FSAA at that resolution without major speed degredation.

Hope this helps.


[edit: added monitor to hardware list, due to rune's recent discoveries about refresh rate]

[ 11-15-2001: Message edited by: wwb_99 ]</p>

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