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Help with scattered tree graphics!

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I just reloaded CM on my iMac, since I had put in too many mods and wanted to start from scratch. Unfortunately, one (or two) of the scattered tree BMPs seems to not be fully transparent. There is a purplish pixelation occuring throughout the rest of the picture area around the tree. It only occurs from the lower camera angles... Anyone else see it before or know what I should do?

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Figured it out. I installed the Open GL 1.2.1 module. I guess I had an older version that wasn't performing up to par. Strange that my initial install (a couple of weeks ago) worked fine without the new OpenGL version.

I guess this is a good way to pad my posts - answer my own questions... Just need to do it a few more times to become a member smile.gif

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also, some of the mods have the wrong value for the pinkies, we call them, you'll need to fix those using Graphic converter or such..

for values, just search for the pinkies topic, as it's been discussed many times before..

good luck, and enjoy CM

(oh, you could have used MCM3 to revert CM's data files back to the CD rom data files without having to reinstall it.. then agin, it's very simple to install so no big deal...)


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