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What will be in the first module?

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I kinda like the name "Combat Mission: Monty(zuma)'s Revenge" :rolleyes:

If the next module is indeed going to be the "other half" of the Normandy battles, here's some content I would like to see:

Captured French tanks for the Germans

Flame weapons

"Funnies", especially working flail tanks

Horse-drawn wagons and arty for the Germans

Horses and cows (including dead ones) as map flavor objects.

Crashed gliders as map flavor objects

Burnable terrain (buildings, trees, etc.)

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The little engine that could.

"I think I Caen,I think I Caen".:o

Wow,after carefully considering all these witty posts,I beilieve I can say with 100 % certainty that this thread has deteriorated beyond all recognition.We are a sad lot are we not? :D As for the above French Caen Caen post,If we are going to have French Women in the game they must all look like Alize.If you don't know who she is you must stop everything you are doing and Google her.Trust me,there is nothing in this World better then Googling Alize.:)

They promised an Alizée unit for CMSF, but they never put in the French army :(. Personally I feel the effort to get the model for that unit *just* right is well worth a couple months of delay.

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