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What will be in the first module?

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Ok folks, I'm bored right now. I don't have CMBN installed right now either (am doing a complete PC recovery), so I have been thinking a bit.

Why not speculate a little on the content of the first module, that is here often called "Commonwealth", although there's been some bitching about that name?

So, what formations, vehicles, scenarios, campaigns, whatever do you expect to be in it?

From all that has been (semi-)officially announced I believe we are going to see:

Waffen-SS formations (Panzer and Panzergrenadier), Fallschirmjäger, British and Canadian army.

That would be pretty much, though. NATO for CMSF did feature only 3 new armies, and they all shared some weapons/vehicles.

For W-SS and FJ no special extra vehicles would be needed I guess, only the number plates would change. But for both there would be a very distinct difference in the way the infantry looks.

W-SS infantry forces mainly wore special camouflaged smocks, NOT camouflaged field blouses, at least not predominantly. For W-SS tankers the Heer model that is already in the game could be pretty much reused I guess.

FJ are even more different, long jumpsmocks, baggy pants, special FJ helmets etc.

As for vehicles, maybe Kingtigers or Jagdpanthers, very rare, but people like them, just like Tigers. But overall no more German vehicles are desperately needed I believe.

Concerning the British/Canadian army, I am by far not an expert, but I believe they look pretty similar, right? At least the helmets do.

I guess British Airborne would only be in the 2nd module.

But a whole bunch of new vehicles will be needed. Cromwells, Churchills, Shermans, Bren carriers, scout cars, trucks, other M3's etc etc

Also, will fire be included by then? I kinda doubt it.

Regarding scenarios, I'm pretty damn sure Villers-Bocage will be in. Its just too popular to NOT include it, just like they didn't dare to NOT include any Easy Company scenarios or Barkmann's corner.

Btw, why not call it "Battle for Caen". Its not exact either, I think there's already game that goes by that name, but its better than "Commonwealth".

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The little engine that could.

"I think I Caen,I think I Caen".:o

Wow,after carefully considering all these witty posts,I beilieve I can say with 100 % certainty that this thread has deteriorated beyond all recognition.We are a sad lot are we not? :D As for the above French Caen Caen post,If we are going to have French Women in the game they must all look like Alize.If you don't know who she is you must stop everything you are doing and Google her.Trust me,there is nothing in this World better then Googling Alize.:)

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