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Buddy Aid - a fantastic addition

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OK, how about this: No dragging, but instead maybe BFC could code it so troops don't shoot at Medics (just as they usually avoid shooting POWs now).


There are several benefits to the player in conducting Buddy Aid. If you want to accrue those benefits you have to work for them, you don't get them for free.

Stop asking for the game to make everything easy and automatic for you.

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Is there a way to make everything in the game easy and automatic for me?

Well, short of that, I'll just add that I enjoy the buddy aid feature, and when it doesn't adversely impact the mission, I'll take the time to have a scout team or the XO tend to the fallen.

It's dependent on the situation, of course, but in general I think a commander that had a reputation for ignoring his seriously wounded because "we can't spare a trigger puller for that" would have as much to fear from his men as the enemy in combat.

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Full squad in big church trying to protect Private Ryan from certain death. Tiger fires at said church killing 1/2 of the squad. Poor remains of squad (including Ryan) ordered to the far side of said church to avoid HE nastiness on the opposite side.


WTF! what are you guys doing coming back to buddy aid the fallen ones on the exposed side of the church? Are you carrying a white flag at least?!? Damn it. Full squad down the drain. Poor Ryan.

Buddy aid is cool but can have disastrous effects sometimes... It would be nice to a have a "disable buddy aid" button aswell... (maybe there is one and I missed it? If that is the case then I really have to RTFM at some point)

Seems like Ryan is always having a bad day.

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I believe that the american army (and probably many other armies too) uses this very deliberately, by having a "no man gets left behind" policy. The general idea being that troops who know that their army will do almost everything possible to get them back are far more willing to go into harms way than troops who have no confidence in their backup.

I´m certain a lot of the US users of this forum are able to tell much more about how this works.

And yes: I really like the buddy aid feature too. It ads to immersion - like for instance individual soldier´s names would too ;-)

My own service(Australian, not US) stressed that the best way to help a wounded mate was to win the fight. We were very much trained to fight on and leave the wounded for the medics following on.

Having said that however the SOP did start to change a bit after the Falklands as it was discovered that immediate buddy aid during battle did save numerous lives.

I would expect that in WW2 the emphasis was very much on "fight on and we sort it out later."

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I'm reading volume 1 of the 12th SS Division by Hubert Meyer and have already came across several instances of troops from both sides rendering "Buddy Aid" to wounded enemy. I know this isn't done in CMBN. It would only make sense if points for captured troops were greater than those for WIA or KIA.

It would however open up a whole new can of worms. By the time we reach an Eastern Front version of CMx2 then we'd need to see actions like "Looking for gold tooth filings"

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