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Too dark? Panzer Marsch campaign

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I found out that you can create larger gap blasting same place twice. It will not work everytime, but that way you can make gap large enough for vehicles.

I found this out too - but in the mean time I had my Pioneer spread out in different places and had to reogranise which took time. This is the type of mission that needs replaying again and again - just to get it. I guess i will have to go back to the campaign and start over - I failed the first mission anyway after I became totally frustrated and ceased fire. But it isn't that much fun or is it just me? And how come its only 4-6 missions? Seems very small compared to what we are used to - almost like the campaign was cobbled together at the last minute.

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Just to mention at least five I believe, if not more, of the campaign battles were designed by different individuals, so what you get is wide and varied.


Cheers. I'm not dissing any individual efforts by the way, I know how much work can be put into a successful scenario. I will have to restart it and see how I get on. It's just those two first stinky missions. I don't think it's much fun which is a shame. All the toys you get to use the potential for something mind-blowing is huge.

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