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it has been mentioned several times: this game needs a Wiki.

BFC won't be making one (I asked) but they won't mind having one :)

I can offer a server with a Wiki installation (MoinMoin). The same thing had hosted the Wiki for Dropteam (now sadly defunct).

The other option would be to go to a place like wikia.com. This is from the same guy that started the Wikipedia.

Ok, two questions:

1) what is your opinion on which service to use?

I have no opinion - there are pros and cons for both. This will be an community effort so I don't want to force it on anyone.

2) who wants to help with administration?

To be clear: thats NOT content creation. Its about user management, spam fighting and all the other boring housekeeping stuff. Please PM me if interested.

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Ok to clarify though - my articles will also have to be image-less. I will sneakily be putting some text up at work, but without images unless I steal them from these forums.

I figure I'll put MY knowledge down, just as a starter so some other newbies can get some basics. Later they'll probably be consolidated or cleaned up.

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