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i want to move my squads through a wood i know has enemy troops in. i want them to move to contact and stop. what movement order do i use? i tried hunt, but they moved like 5 seconds and hit the ground for no aparent reason. a nearby mortar or MG burst i think, but it wasnt directed at them. do i just have to move them up 1 square at a time? it would be nice to have an advance order similar to hunt, but where they move untill they can see something, instead of stopping in the open with no cover and no idea whos shooting them.

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I wouldn't discount what your troops are telling you. Maybe a sound contact stopped them, but there is something they heard or spotted.

In a situation like this I would split off some scout teams. Set a restricted covered arc to make sure they aren't reacting to something on the other side of the map then try hunt again. If the scouts stop again then have them crawl (slow) forward a little bit then try hunt again until you can identify why they are stopping.

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