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New file at the Repository: Hold until Relieved (2011-06-14)

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How can i destroy the railroad bridge ? I lost half of the engineers but it did not work at all.

BTW the small stone bridge is totaly buged (by game engine ? ) You cant work over it and the soldiers got stuck under the water.

Not sure about the Foot Bridge, I have soldiers go over and back many times...

But you are correct about the RR Bridge, My Bad, I thought I had changed that to Occupy not Destroy... will fix...

Thank you for your feedback

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Only had a quick bash so far but it's great fun!

Can I just ask a question? at the rail repair yard there is a building that is totally missing it's roof due to damage (Shown in the third screenshot above,): How did you do that? I've been trying to do the same thing in one of my own maps but don't seem able to do it? It's one of the independent buildings, right? I can do the hole in the roof thing by using CTRL-left click but I can't remove the whole roof like you have. It's driving me mad!

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Give it time. go get a drink or something. some maps are large with a lot of assets, and take a while to load up. On my laptop large maps take over 4:30 minutes and it looks like its stuck on 39%. But on my faster home computer everything is under 30 secs. This game like old fashion CPU brute power.

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