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Can't get to top floor!

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I searched on this topic and got nothing.Here's the problem: when I move troops into a building, the "which floor" box appears only intermittently, seemingly at random. This is incredibly frustrating. It could be a problem with the ATI card on my new imac. I found the multimedia update which is supposed to fix the bug but for some mysterious reason it won't install on my 9.0.1 imac. HELP!

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I assume that you're using the v. 1.05 patch (though I'm not familiar with this issue) ? These are definitely buildings with a second floor correct (large stone and large wood) ?

I'm not sure what video update is appropriate for your iMac. Here's one (for Rage 128s), but it is a bit dated:

Apple's ATI Driver Update:


This is the update from ATI (though it is geared towards expansion cards rather than built-in video):

ATI Universal Installer 4.20 (which is a bit newer than the Apple posted drivers):


Read the note about detection of video:


OS 9.0.4 apparently has the latest ATI drivers available. A new set for the Rage 128s will be released shortly that deals with some text issues in CM (and should be available on Apple's site).

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There's an update from Apple to get to OS 9.0.4, but it doesn't mention upgrading from OS 9.0.1 specifically. So you may want to try the Software Update control panel method first:

OS 9.0.4 Update (which can also be downloaded with the Software Update control panel):


If you have an iMac DV you'll also need to download the Apple DVD Player 2.2 (which should have nothing to do with CM).

Apple DVD Player 2.2:


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I had the same problem when i first started playing CM. I have one of the earlier imacs. I found if i changed the view to 5, the top down view, and click and hold down on the mouse button i can get a stable floor level selection window. screen 1 and 2 will also work but not as well.

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