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How To Install Mods


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Yes, except there may be some problems with some older pre-2.0 uniform/face mods that haven't been updated and a handful of sound mods that may not work correctly with Macs because of the bitrate.




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On 5/27/2017 at 1:11 PM, Kumando said:

Hi guys ive downloaded the Saving pvt Ryan campaign and the 2nd rangers mod, i created a folder named z in the data folder and i sent the brz file there but for some reason the rangser skin isnt showing, what am i doing wrong?

I'm having similar problems with the various British 53rd Division uniforms. I put the subfolders for the various Brigades into my z folder but all my quick battles still have troops bearing the 49th West Riding arm patch. I can't even seem to figure out where or if there is a place to select which unit uniform I want to play the quick battle with when setting up. What am I missing here? I read this thread and a few modding guides and can't seem to figure it out.

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The mods folder doesn't like folder-in-folders.

You could simply throw your mods folders into 'Data' and avoid the Z folder' entirely

Z folder works simply because 'Z' will fall at the end of any alphabetical listing. The contents of the last folder in 'Data' will overwrite the previous. For CMBN any folder starting with a name after 'N' (for 'Normandy) will work as well.

So if you have several folders of different mods you can name the folders 
'O German uniforms',
'P American uniforms',
'Q British vehicles' 
or whatever you like. Just drop them into 'DATA'. As long as its not folder-in-folder all the mods should appear.

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"The mods folder doesn't like folder-in-folders."

Good to know.  Unfortunately, mod sluts like me have hundreds, perhaps thousands of mods for a particular game and it's impossible to keep track without folder and subfolders.  Eg I have many sub Z folders called TERRAIN; SFX; SOUNDS; UI; UNIFORMS; MOD SETS etc.   

Most of the time the desired mods show up if you put enough ZZZ's at the start of the desired mod folder name.   (Sometimes there are unpleasant effects like a mod not showing up ie: "blacked-out".)

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RE: Folders in folders. I am not sure what @MikeyD is getting at. I have folders inside folders all over the place and my mods work. For example in my z folder I have a v folder which contains a folder for each vehicle. Works like a charm.

RE: uniform issues. One of the upgrades (I forget which) changed the way uniform mods were numbered. This means that older uniform mods will not work without some file renaming. This was discussed some where on the forum but I am not sure where. Not sure if that is at play here though.

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