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How to create the mod folder: 1- locate the file named CM Battle for Normandy.app (it should be in Applications/CM Battle for Normandy); 2- right click on CM Battle for Normandy.app and select Sho

Simply create a new folder named what you like and stick the bmp's in it and stick the folder in the Z folder.

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I'm playing CMBN-CW on a MacBook Pro and the game is playing fine. But for the life of me I can't figure out how to get a mod to work. I've got the Z folder in the Data folder and downloaded a zipped mod into that. I unzipped the mod, in this case there were two .bmp images or files, but now what do I do with them? I've read and reread several posts and still can't figure it out. I'm still a newbe with the Mac filing system, so that doesn't help.

I don't suppose there is a video that would show the procedure in detail how to do it?

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I have V2.12 of CMBN running on a Windows 7 box...

Ok, many uniform mods simply don't work for me...e.g. I place afolder called "german soldier m43" with files like "german-uniform-m43 1.bmp" into my data/Z folder and then start the game and use a scenario/quick battle which uses regular army and I don't see them??? I've rezexploded all of the brz files which came with the game to validate the specific bmp file names and they *should* work...but...alas...they don't.

Perhaps I'm doing something basically wrong...although I don't believe I am...

Could someone please assist in this troubleshooting endeavour?


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You don't as far as I know. Those were a hex edit with a long and storied history of misery and woe. It was quite a mystery to solve and was worked on by a couple of us modders. Somehow DC got them to work but the upgrade changed some things and I don't think he went back and was able to figure them out again. So, in short, don't pull your hair out thinking you are doing something wrong. You aren't.


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Hi all.

Currently using Z-Bee mod manager with CMSF.

I understand it also works with CMBN but I would need to install it again. When I try to install a second manager all I get is an option to Repair or Un-Install.

Any advise.

Thanks JTF

You won't technically need to reinstall it again. In the directory that z-bee's mod manager gets installed (C:\Program Files (x86)\zBee14 on my machine) will be a file called "z-Bee 1.4 CMSF Mod Manager.accdr". The mod manager is just a microsoft access database, so if you make a copy of this file you can set the second copy up for CMBN, each file is a completely separate database(making each file a completely separate mod manager). This can be done as many times as you want, one for each CM game. I just renamed the copies to what game I was going to use that file for then setup an icon for it.

Edit- forgot to add that the copy will have the settings saved from the original file as well as the mods installed. The directories you will need to change first, then for the mods you can deactivate them each, then remove them from the mod list. Without changing the directories first you'll deactivate the mods in CMSF, if you change the directories first then deactivate a mod it'll say that the mod wasn't found in the z folder(this is what we want to see)

advanced computer user - you can open z-Bee14CMSFModManager.msi (the install file for the mod manager) using 7-zip and it'll have the original database file, which can then be extracted where you want

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I apologise in advance if this problem has already been covered in this thread, I couldn't see it when looking over the weekend. I'm still pretty new to CMx2, and have only just been bitten by the modding bug. Most of the mods I've installed have worked first time, and if they haven't then I've found my answer in here. But, one problem I just can't solve is Infantry Shoulder Insignia....

Example No. 1 .... When I installed DC's 15th Scottish mods, the UI and the vehicles both have the "Lion Rampant" showing. But, the infantry are still sporting the 49th's Polar Bear insignia.

Example No. 2 ... When I've tried ez's American Infantry mods I've encountered the same problem. I attempted to rename folders and individual files without success.

If anyone can help I'd be grateful.


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