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Command simulation - applicable to CMx2?

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Recently I found out about a so called Progressive Command Simulation Series for TC2M (Take Command 2nd Mannassas – an american civial war realtime wargame on battalion to corps level).

It roughly works like this:

Players are organised into two armies with a division to corps and/or army level hierarchy. The army and/or corps commanders give orders to the division commanders via email groups. The division commanders then communicate with the „game master“ - the only person actually playing the TC2M game for both sides – to order their brigades around. All the division commanders receive situation reports from the „game master“ which have to be passed on to the higher commanders.

The mechanics and rules are described in greater detail in a manual.

(I'm not sure it is allowed to post any links to the manual or the forum so I won't do it. You can easily find the manual in the Command Simulation section of the Madminute Games forum as well as some simulation practice threads where you can get a feeling of how this works in practice.)

Do you think a similar command simulation could be adapted to the scale and (seemingly?) more complex battlefield of CMBN or CMSF?

Maybe there are even active command simulation players registered in this forum who could give some more detailed insights and opinions?

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