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How to convert your CMBN PDF Manual to high contrast B&W for free

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Overview: There are two versions of the PDF manual that comes with CMBN. There's the artsy version (CMBN Game Manual.pdf) with the fancy background, and the easier to read printer version (CMBN Game Manual print.pdf) with a white background. Unfortunately both of these still use the low contrast tan (sepia) font and graphics. Based on what I've been reading on this forum there are a large number of folks that would like to have their digital CMBN Game Manual converted to a high contrast black on white format for direct reading and/or printing. Well, here's a cheap solution to this problem. How cheap you ask? How does FREE sound?

From this ...


To this ...


Solution: As many already know Adobe Reader, the most widely used PDF viewer in the PC universe, has an Accessibility settings page ( under Preferences) that can change the text from any low contrast color to high contrast black on white for better reading. Unfortunately this free viewer will not change the color of the graphics, nor will it allow you to save the high contrast text into a new PDF document or print a hardcopy manual with the these text enhancements. Follow the steps below and you will soon have a dandy CMBN PDF manual that's easy to read directly or can used to print an equally readable hardcopy.

Note: For this conversion use your "CMBN Game Manual print.pdf" as the source document.

Step-1. Download and install these two freeware programs:

- PDF-XChange Viewer (replaces Adobe Reader) http://www.snapfiles.com/get/pdfxchangeviewer.html

- CutePDF Writer (new printer driver that creates PDF files) http://www.snapfiles.com/get/cutepdf.html

Step-2. Convert text and line-art to high contrast black on white

- Start PDF-XChange Viewer

- Open "CMBN Game Manual print.pdf"

- Edit/Preferences/Accessibility

- Refer to image below for Accessibility settings



Note: Be sure to click "Apply"

Step-3. Convert original tan graphics to grayscale by creating a new PDF document with the CutePDF printer driver.

- (PDF-XChange Viewer) File/Print

- Refer to image below for print options


Note: Be patient, have a cup, go to the bathroom, whatever, because this final print process takes around 5 minutes to complete (depending upon your system speed). Once the CutePDF conversion process is finished a small window will open up asking you for the desired PDF file name. So, go ahead, give it a cool sounding name and save it.

Step-4. Your done, start using and/or printing your new easier to read manual.



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Thank you for your suggestion, unfortunately it does not work for us Kindle foks. When I try to open a .pdf created by this method the Kindle gives me an error "This PDF cannot be opened due to embedded features not yet supported by Kindle".:mad: Looks like we still need help from BF.


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Thanks leadmeister, nice work. But this don't help the printed manual, which I paid extra for not having to print my own. I know, it's the printers fault.

I'm currently working on a method to use my high contrast PDF file to print out a new double-sided CMBN manual. My goal is to do it on the cheap (very cheap). I will let you all know when it's finished and and how I did it.

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We'll all know soon enough because we're going to do a "black" version with v1.01 patch :D


That's very good news from Steve. In the meantime you can use my color/contrast fix since the release date for the v1.01 patch has yet to be announced.

P.S. A big thanks to Steve, and BF, for the "black" version inclusion in the forthcoming patch. It will be much appreciated by those, like me, that no longer have pristine eyesight.

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Thanks, LeadMeister. I think I'll give this a try.

Having been a purchaser of both CMBO and CMBN, I always

enjoyed reading through their manuals. To me it was just

another example of why I believe them to be the best in

the business. Hell, just plowing through the manual was

in itself part of the fun of a new Battlefront wargame.

Sadly, not merely the tiny text, but the inexplicable decision to use

brown text on brown pages makes it very tough on these eyes

of mine even with my reading glasses on.

Years ago, I bought an old Grigsby wargame , Uncommon Valor which

had no manual at all, just a PDF. I took the PDF to the local business

office supply chain and had it done up nicely and bound. I think the total

cost was about 15 bucks. But to me, it was well worth it.

Regards, Oddball

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The web site says there's a Mac version you can download, but neither Google nor I can find it. All the links lead to PC versions.

Does anyone know why Battlefront put a large ?-mark in a square with rounded corners in the center of each manual page when you view it on-line? It makes no sense to me to distribute a free demo with a crippled manual.

The large ?-mark doesn't appear on the printed pages, but that phony ancient field manual with faded text on yellowish paper uses up a lot of ink. The light magenta cartridge in my Epson printer ran dry after printing a bit more than half the manual. As Epson's printer driver prints back to front, I don't have the info from the manual's first 90 pages.

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