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were can i find 30.82 drivers

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Since you didn't list your Windows version I'll assume that it is XP.

You can get all of the 'official' driver releases here, including 30.82.

If your OS isn't XP or 2000, then just look at the menu to the left once you've gone through the selection boxes for the drivers. There'll be a menu item listed as "selected windows version Driver Archive". Clicking on this will take you to a list just like the link above (but for whatever different Windows version you've selected).

There's also 3rd party sources such as Guru 3D (select 'Videocard Drivers' > 'NVIDIA detonator drivers' > make sure you select a driver for your version of Windows).

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Thanks Schrullenhaft

Sorry to not give more info.

I am running a dual boot XP/ME system.

as I found CMBB runs better for me with

Win ME..... (has to do with my MB).....

Also I have the 30.82 as well as 28.32 on my backup disc but my friends system won’t read my disc (I know he needs the UDF drivers which are also on my back up) , but he has a cable connection so I had hoped to find a site that had the older drivers so he could download them. He has been over here and played a hot seat game and was hooked .

So do you think they can figure out

this problem with the 40.xx drivers ?

Anyway thanks once again

this is such a wonderful board..


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So do you think they can figure out

this problem with the 40.xx drivers ?

Yeah, NVidia needs to fix them. When and if NVidia gets around to doing this is unknown. There are different teams working on different 'tracks' of driver development at NVidia. They'll probably get close to going to the next series (50.xx or whatever) before some of these issues get addressed.

NVidia's development teams spend quite a bit of time optimizing their drivers, and FSAA is one of those features that can be optimized in many ways. So one of the optimization 'short cuts' probably has a problem with certain sequences of DirectX calls - this happens quite often to a variety of games. Maybe at the end of this development track one of the teams will address the problems that CM has with FSAA and the 4x.xx series.

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