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Any Germans received their steelbox yet ?

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OK, looks like the stalled shipment is finally getting through Customs. Unfortunately my guess is everybody who is still waiting for one will have to pay VAT.

I'm just glad they didn't hold these orders up for 3 months and then ship them back to the United States like they did with several boxes of Theater of War Korea that we sent to our facility in Germany!!


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Weiss jemand, ob man sich da beschweren kann (und obs was bringt)?

Wissen tue ich's nicht, aber ich würde mich in jedem Fall mal beschweren. Bringen tut's insofern nix, weil der Zoll die Box nicht ersetzen kann, höächstens den monetären Gegenwert. Da aber alle ausverkauft sind, kannst du auch nicht bei BFC einfach nachbestellen/austauschen... Ich freu mich schon wieder auf meine örtlichen Zollbeamten. Die müssen sich sowieso langsam fragen, was ich für ein schräger Vogel bin, dass ich immer so komischen Kram bestelle! :D

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I just received mine this week. :-)

Had to pay EUR 11 for customs duty.

I really like the included book about German Tank Platoon Tactics.

Great read.


The what? Do you mean there's supposed to be another book in the box besides the 'Basic Field Manual/Soldier's Handbook'?


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