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PBEM file problem...

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Ok, didnt see this posted anywhere else, and am hoping that the answer (if there is one) is something more complicated than "turn on your computer, dumbass", but have had a somewhat strange issue come up in a PBEM match that is ongoing.

For about the third or fourth time, when my opponent has emailed me back a turn, the turn comes across as something completely different from what it should be. The catch, however, is that when I go in and look at the actual text of the file he is sending, it appears to be, in plain English, his mission briefing (we are playing a WBW scenario), followed by the usual incomprehensible text. My opponent tells me he is playing his turn as per usual and then just using winzip and the right-click, "zip and email" function. I have played several games with him and have had no problems whatsoever reading earlier files. This is the first time I have run across this problem, and it is also the first time I have ever played a ready-made scenario (and, BTW, Wild Bill rules).

Anyhow, if anybody has some input, I'd be much obliged. The problem is slowing the usual one turn a day pace into glacial progress.

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Somehow I believe your opponent is doing something wrong with his email file. There should be NO readable text at the beginning of the actual file that CM uses. The mission briefing shouldn't be in the file in a readable format (to my knowledge). It seems as if his email text or something else is getting added on top of the actual PBEM data.

If worse comes to worse check out the file again and cut-and-paste the the text from "Play-By-Email Data Follows This Line" on and save that data as the actual PBEM file.

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