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update data?

Big Mike

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Hi Brit,I check in every so often to see if any updates or news shows up.I downloaded the latest patch,what were the fixes?I still play this and enjoy it too bad about the sales though.Thank you!

Hi Mike. There are three fixes in the latest version. They mostly deal with PBEM games:

- Made changes to the system to help avoid crashes in PBEM games.

- Changed the IM Log to show only the most recent 400 messages because it was getting overly full

- Fixed bug: the PBEM games weren't showing the Turn-Processing Percentage

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This latest update is crashing the game.

Is it crashing the game or causing it to lockup during turn processing? Someone else reported that the game was locking up during turn processing, so I took a look at his saved game, tracked down and fixed the bug, and put out a new update. If the game is locking up on you during turn processing, grab the latest update (1.01.16865) and try it again. Sorry for the trouble.


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