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Kiwis Defend Britain

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I've just been playtesting a friend's CM scenario - it depicts the hypothetical re-capture of the English port of Folkestone after the Germans hypothetically seize it during Operation Sealion, September 1940.

We're trying to get it as realistic as possible - given that it's hypothetical.

This battle has been wargamed many times, and yet I'm still having a bit of trouble finding out exactly what equipment was available to the Kiwis, and the exact order of battle that would've been likely.

If anyone out there would like to contribute their knowledge, it would be appreciated.

This much I do know:

The New Zealand forces that were tasked with counter-attacking Dover and Folkestone were both part of 2nd New Zealand Division, and consisted of 2 formations: MILFORCE and 5th Brigade.

MILFORCE (Brigadier Miles)

"C" Sqn. Div. Cav.

32 A/Tk Battery

"C" Coy. 21 Bn.

MG Coy.


British: 'C' Sqn. 8th RTR.

5th Brigade: (Brigadier Hargest)

21st, 22nd, 23rd Battalions.

My questions:

(1) What vehicles were NZ 2nd Div Cav equipped with? Carriers?

(2) Where was the 28th (Maori) Battalion? - the 28th was an 'extra' battalion and was moved around 2nd NZ Div as needed - to me, it would've made sense to use these high-morale troops in the difficult attack on Folkestone...

(3) What artillery assets did 5th Brigade have? I have seen mentioned 25-pounders, as well as French 75mm Field Guns.

(4) What kind of tanks equipped 'C' Sqn. 8th RTR? - I'm guessing Matilda I, Matilda II and Mark VIB Light Tanks?

PLEASE NOTE: as much as I appreciate ANY suggestions, be aware that I've already spent 7 hours on the internet reading the easily-available sources - so I'm really just hoping that one of you might have already studied this subject previously, and be able to add something I can't find easily.

Many thanks in advance

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