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My Second Carrier Launched by Combat Mission

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I have barely had time to scratch the surface of CMBN, but as a Mac user and early OSX adopter, it is a thrill that the drought is over. Old hands may remember that CMBO was the game that inspired me to write my first book, "Steel Victory," which I realized could be a great story after I started going through the tank battalion records at the National Archives looking for scenario fodder. I missed being able to play the games that came along afterward, but I kept writing, despite having a day job because I'd gotten hooked. Seven more books worth of hooked to be precise. These include several more books on armor at the battalion level and below ("The Tank Killers" about the TD force, "Steeds of Steel" about the mechanized cavalry, and "The Infantry's Armor," where I expanded the story of the separate tank battalions to all theaters of the war and reworked the material on the ETO to incorporate the infantry's perspective, which I should have done in the first place.) I have loaded the Normandy chapters of these three books into the Public Folder of my website (http://web.mac.com/yeide/World_War_II_History/Home_Page.html) to give some context to the game you are playing. I hope you find them interesting.

While you're there, check out "Fighting Patton," due out in September.

Thanks, Battlefront!

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Hi, Harry! Have missed you and glad to see you again. I have your first three books and have found them invaluable; I'll start looking for the others now that I know they exist. I am particularly fond of the one on Armored Cavalry as so little has been written about them and I think they had an interesting job. Have you gotten around to doing a book on the Armored Infantry yet?


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