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Weapon Skins - WIP

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Thought I'd preview a few of the weapon skins I'm currently working on. I'm giving them some wear and tear, fixing small inaccuracies here and there, making variations and changing the color tones of the wood stocks, especially on the walnut for the US side.

M1: Interesting note - if you look closely you'll see BFC have the safety on on the Garands ; )


M1 Carbine: Vanilla skin had a post war two hole upper hand guard. Changed it to a war time one hole upper hand guard. Can't do much about the rear sight and bayonet lug, which are mainly post war. Tried to alpha out the lug but it just made the whole model disappear.


k98: Walnut stock with early "H" milled front band:


k98: Beech stock with mid war "speed" milled front band:


Planning to do a variation with the stamped front band as well, and you'll also be able to use them together in-game:


Comments/Criticisms more than welcome.

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Any updates on these babies, Rambler?

Yeah, still working away on them :). I actually went back and redid a lot of what I had already accomplished, and I think the results are better. The K98s, M1 carbines, M1918a2s and the Thompson are pretty much finished. Currently redoing the M1. I'm hoping to get everything finished up and out to y'all in the next couple of weeks.

Here's some update pics for ya:

I added a stamped floorplate to a couple of the K98 variations. Probably a little overkill on the detail since you can't even really see it, but I couldn't help myself.


Here's a variant of the BAR with a bakelite stock.


Looking good. It would be nice to see a laminate stock for the Kar98 as well.
Thanks! The blonde and reddish-brown stock currently in the game are colors you find in laminated stocks. I'm using both of those, although a little edited, but also added a darker walnut colored stock. Unless you mean seeing the color of the glue? It's impossible to actually texture the laminate lines, since the scratches you see in the pics are already at 1 pixel ;).

Awesome! Any chances to have new vehicle skins?

I'm hoping to start a Marder skin after I finish this weapons project. Hopefully MikeyD will upload the templates for the other tanks sometime in the near future as well. :)

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Well, looks like I missed the cut-off to edit a post, so I'll just add one more pic. Type II lock bars for the M1's rear sight. Unfortunately it will be on both sides of the sight since the receiver texture is mirrored, but it still looks cool.


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These look really nice, man. That BAR is just awesome.

I don't remember but can you have more than one of the same weapon textures in the game?


Thanks Mord. Yeah, you can have more than one weapon texture in the game. You just add a 2, 3, etc. at the end of the filename. Pretty cool to see different weapon variations on the battlefield.

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Cool...I don't remember that being in CMSF. I thought I'd tested everything there was for variation. Anyway...it's a nice find!

You've got some skills my man.


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