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Some performance and quality tips for NVIDIA users

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i have a performance query.

my set-up is a q6600 quad core, 8 gig ram, 2 x gtx 260 (sli) running win 7 64bit

latest nvidia drivers

what sort of frame rate should i expect. i set up as per the suggestion at the start and am getting 15fps up to about 40fps.


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I have been trying to get rid of the annoying 'drawing line' when panning or rotating the view as well as trying to find a solution for the flickering shadows and choppy framerates (NOTE: I do NOT mea

I believe that when you install a new nVidia driver using the clean install option, you do lose your custom settings. I always save all of my custom settings in nVidia Inspector before updating the dr

Here are screenies of my NVidia control panel settings which I use for all my CM games on my GTX970 running a 1920x1200 panel. I also use hi-res mods for terrain, buildings, and vehicles. (Thanks

Posted Images

We should create a benchmark scenario and post to the repository. We can then run the scenario and post system specs and FPS here. It would give us nice comparisons between systems and settings. To make sure we are getting the most out of our systems.

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thats such a good idea.

I have been messing around since my earlier post.

For a start the nvidia seting SLI - one gpu makes about 5-10fps difference . this is the profile one not the global.

I am using flowers of the forest - plenty of stuff on map and also good difference between wide open space and more built up


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My setting are as follows:

AF: 8x

AA Gamma: On

AA Mode: Enhance Application

AA Setting: sli 16xQ

AA Transparency: MultiSampling

CUDA _GPU - Use Global (all)

Max pre-frame: 0

Multi /mixed gpu acc: Single dispay

Power management: Prefer max

SLI rendering: Single -gpu

texture filter - anisotropic: off

LOD Bias: clamp

Filtering-quality - quality

tri-optimization: on

thread optimization: on

Triple buffering: on

Texture filtering: off

Vertical Sync - force on

in game:

model quality: balanced

texture quality: best

Vertical sync: on

AA: on

HPP: Faster

Display size (desktop) 1920 x 1080

get 30fps to 60fps with the rain!


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I have a new Nvidia GTX 580 Card, could someone please advise me on what graphic settings to use within the game and also in the Nvidia 3D settings control panel to get the best results?

Also, if there are any modders passing through I would also like to take this opportunity as I do not post very often to thank them for their fantastic contributions and hard work that certainly enhance my gaming experience.

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Personally I don't use the shadows. They're very spikey and create a lot of movement when the camera pans, unfortunately. They also eat performance on larger scenarios (whether it's CPU- or Video-bound, I don't know). It's a big difference between the two settings, though, so you'll have to decide for yourself.

I use 8xQ on my GF GTS-250, with 16x Aniso, Gamma correct AA, and Multisample transparency AA. The AA setting (whether 2x or 16x) doesn't seem to affect FPS, so the game doesn't seem bound by video memory bandwidth. But be careful about using any of the 'xS' AA settings; I seem to recall that they blurred the image a bit. Be sure Texture Filtering Quality is set to High Quality. Using or not using the Aniso and Trilinear Optimizations doesn't seem to make any difference visually or speed-wise. You can use nHancer for more options beyond those given in nVidia's control panel.

Set the game settings to at least Balanced; I use Improved for both Model and Texture. Turning the in-game Model setting to Best only seems to yield some more doodads at greater distances. Enable High Priority Process for better performance.

Hope that helps.

- Chris

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We should create a benchmark scenario and post to the repository. We can then run the scenario and post system specs and FPS here. It would give us nice comparisons between systems and settings. To make sure we are getting the most out of our systems.

This is an excellent idea... any progress, or should we just pick a large, stock scenario? If using a stock scenario, I think it should be from early morning or late afternoon so that it will have long shadows.

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Any tips for AMD users to get the best of the game? This is the graphic card I have.

Graphics Card Manufacturer Powered by AMD

Graphics Chipset AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series

Graphics Bus Capability PCI Express 2.0

Maximum Bus Setting PCI Express 2.0 x16

Memory Size 1024 MB

Memory Type GDDR5

Core Clock in MHz 775 MHz

Memory Clock in MHz 1000 MHz

Total Memory Bandwidth in GByte/s 128.0 GByte/s

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Bump. I have a new AMD Radeon 7700 series vid card.

System specs:

Intel Core 2 Duo 3Gig

2Gig RAM

Windows 7-64 Bit

Suopermicro C2SBE MoBo

The game is slightly "sticky" at points that it wasn't with my old (now fried) NVidia 8800GT. For example, when I'm in the map editor, with larger maps like "In the Shadow of the Hill"-size and above, the cursor sticks for just a second when I move it up/down between the options (Mission/Map/AI/3D Preview). Not a biggie, but never had that with the old card. More imprtant, there seems to be a general hesitency on map during games when moving the camera around which wasn't there before. I have the latest drivers for the AMD card. I have maxed-out Quality settings...same as with the old card.

Thanks for any advice anyone can give. (I hope it isn't "You got a sucky card for playing CMBN"!)

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I will probably be purchasing a 21.5" iMac when the updated model becomes available next month. This will be my work computer at home, but there will also be some gaming. I currently get by in CMBN with my MacBook Air, but want to have a better experience and be able to handle future CM derivatives. Does anyone have knowledge/input about the two graphics options? TIA


21.5-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit display with IPS technology; 1920-by-1080 resolution

NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M graphics processor with 512MB of GDDR5 memory, or optional NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M graphics processor with 512MB of GDDR5 memory

2.9GHz quad-core Intel Core i5 processor with 6MB L3 cache, or optional 3.1GHz quad-core Intel Core i7

8GB (two 4GB) of 1600MHz DDR3 memory, or optional 16GB

1TB hybrid Drive

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I just picked up this new laptop with CM performance in mind (and, uh, my job if the wife asks) and didn't want to break the bank. And am happy (and a little embarrassed) to report it actually plays CM better than my desktop - a win7 Pro, AMD 965 BE processor overclocked from 3.4 to 3.7 GHz, Radeon 7870 2 GB video card tower.

The 14" laptop has Win8, a Haswell Q4700M i7, Nvidia GT 750M (2 GB DDR5 vRAM) and 1TB HDD (but only 5400rpm), 8 GB RAM and set me back $799 when ordering direct from Lenovo (model Y410P).

MY very first download was ClassicShell, which makes Win8 boot into a desktop environment opposed to that ridiculous Metro GUI. I have no idea what overpaid MF exec at Microsoft made the decision to attempt to force non-tablet/non-touch screen users to swallow that interface, but they should be lined up against a wall and shot.

Oh, yes, my Nvidia observations so far are thus: FSAA must be turned off in the Nvidia Control Panel to avoid blurry text; and contrary to other systems reported here, I must have AA/Multi turned on in the CM Options, or I don't get any AF/AA in game (even with the "application override" in the panel turned on.) When out putting to my desktop monitor (27" HP 1080p, I hate it) and compare back-to-back, I do prefer the 'look' of the Radeon image to the Nvidia image, but not by much.

The Haswell's single-threaded performance is impressive, and this is from an AMD fan. Now I'm not sure I want to wait for Steamroller in Q1 2014 (and pray they retain the AM3+ socket, and that a BIOS update to my mobo will allow me to use it...)

Another small surprise was the 5400rpm hard drive, which combined with whatever Win8 caching is going on, wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I had already picked up a 250GB Samsung 840 SSD before the laptop purchase; and will still clone it over when I'm all set up. I have no doubt this will speed things up further - I'm just noting that overall HDD performance isn't pi$$ poor.

Of some note - loading/playing a medium battle using just the i7 built-in Intel graphics (HD 4600) was playable - not nearly as pretty, of course, but useable.

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Does anyone have a GTX 660 Ti 2G that works well with this game? If so would your please post your settings. No matter how much I f**k with the game or card settings it won’t stop dragging. I here others speak of getting 30 to 60 FPS. So how does one check their FPS? I don’t fully understand why this is the only game I own that seems to have compatibility issues with my graphics card.:confused:

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I am in need of a new card but i am struggling on deciding fellas..got £250 to spend any recommendations? Schrullenhaft as given me some help but i am loathe to keep bugging him. I think i might get a better idea from a cross section of members.

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There are a LOT of opinions out there! LOL. If you don't have a bias towards, or against, either main manufacturer, then both nvidia and amd have some very good offerings at that price point. It'll come down to what kind of interface you have, and your preferences. I like both companies. Assuming you have a single monitor and single card, it'll be your budget which determines which card you get. (Note: I -think- that AMD is about to release another generation card. That could either reduce current prices, or give you a new card to look at.)


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Oh, to give you some ideas, at the top of your price you can get something like an Nvidia GTX 770 (2GB), or an AMD 7970 (3GB). Now, there's a lot of debate about value for your money. For example, is a GTX 670 (4GB) any better for you than the 770 2GB? That'd depend on resolution and whether or not you plan on dual cards. If you're alright with overclocking, then a lot of folks would point you towards the AMD 7950 (3GB) ~2/3's the price of a GTX770 or AMD 7970, but OC'ed it equals them.

It's a can o'worms.

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Post your other specs, including screen resolution (and any other games you enjoy). Next, your preferences, if any. Do you WANT to spend your whole budget, or would like to know what's the best value that leaves a few quid in your pocket for beer?

Like I said, there's a lot of opinions and a few facts. I hate to advise on what to purchase since it's a personal choice in most cases. Do you have a top couple of favorite cards? (And why those?)


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Nvidia cards seem to be the type everyone sort of likes. Don't play much of anything else except Xcom:EU and CM. Will be getting Elite dangerous next year. That's it really game wise. Happy to pay around £200-£250

spec wise

Windows 8

AMD Phenom ll x4 840 processor 3.20ghz

64bit operating system and x64bit based-processor

8gig ram

1920x1080 SR

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Couple of things. If you're not familiar with PCIe 2.0 vs. 3.0, don't worry. ;) (AMD boards, like yours, don't support PCIe 3.0. However, any video card PCIe 3.0 is backwards compatible with a PCIe 2.0 slot. Physically, they're the same. Right now PCIe 3.0 is overkill, especially for your rig. If you had, say, 6 27" or 30" monitors, you -may- benefit from 3.0, but probably not. So, don't worry about it.)

As I'm alluding to, above, the physical layout of your board may constrain your purchase. There are three things to consider: how much length internally is available; how many slots are available on the back of the computer; and, what kind of slot will the card slide into, electrically, in the motherboard?

In reverse order, I'm -assuming- that you have a relatively modern mobo (with an AMD 840, I'd think so) which has an available PCIe slot. (Again, probably 2.0, with x16 available.)

Most of the video cards in your price range need 2 slots, the metal tabs in the back of the case which you only see when you look at the back of the computer. Some need 3, depending on the cooler.

Finally, the length. If you open your case, from the back slots to the hard drive cage, you may have 10 - 12". Maybe less. That could affect your choice.

A couple other thoughts: cooling and power. Some cards need 2x 6 pin power cords. Some need 2x 8 pin (expensive cards; probably well over your budget). Some need 1 6 pin and 1 8 pin. The easiest way to tell is to look at pictures of the top edge of the card in various review sites. Your power supply will need the wattage, and plugs, to supply the card.

Final thought: cooling. I like quiet cards. A few manufacturers go beyond the basic single fan and have 2, some even 3, fans. The more they have, the quieter they can be, in general.

There's a lot of variability. So much is personal choice, as constrained by your specific build and budget.

My example: I have one machine with an AMD HD6870 in it. I'll probably grab an HD7950 since their prices are so low right now. (A new release is just around the corner, so I'm bargain hunting something about to be replaced. The numbers in the name mean something. The 7950 is a much better card.) I'll put the 6870 in a different machine, currently with a 6850. However, THAT machine's case is too small for the 6870, so I have to swap cases. Another machine has a GTX 670. Case size and power specs matter.

Confused? Try http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/gaming-graphics-card-review,3107.html

and another site which lets you compare specific cards is: http://www.gpureview.com/show_cards.php

No one really wants to "tell" you what to do. What if you spend all your cash and the card doesn't fit, or it draws more than your power supply can handle?

Just a toss off answer: look at the 7950's and 670's. Use them as your baseline and compare and contrast other cards to them.


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