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weird problem

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What your cousin is seeing is a scrambled 'resolution selection screen' on the Windows version. The "colored line" is the scrambled resolution selection box spread across the screen (much like a TV station you can't actually receive or has been 'scrambled' to prevent non-subscriber viewing).

The resolution selection process starts at the current desktop resolution, but it also starts with the highest vertical refresh rate supported by the video driver. This may be much higher than what the monitor can actually support. If he waits awhile (not pressing any keys, etc.), CM should try consecutively lower vertical refresh rates at that same resolution, eventually reaching his current setting that should display properly.

Once CM tries a resolution and vertical refresh rate that the monitor supports he should be able to see the resolution box that shows the currently attempted resolution and often the currently attempted vertical refresh rate. There should be an 'OK' and 'Skip' button inside the box too that will respond to the mouse. Pressing OK selects the currently displayed settings and launches CM with them. Once CM is exited properly a Prefs file is written out with those settings recorded so that everytime CM launches it will use that resolution and vertical refresh rate until the Prefs file is deleted/moved. The Skip button is just a quicker way to get to the next lower vertical refresh rate and/or resolution. However the next lower resolution will start out again with the highest vertical refresh rate supported by the video driver (such as 160Hz, etc.), which may not display properly.

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