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Got the Steel Box!!

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Mine arrived today, and in in one piece too - which is surprising considering the way the postman was stuffing through the letterbox.

No additional costs incurred either. (I'm in London, UK)

Great job BF, nice collectors item. I look forward to filling it with the upcoming expansion DVDs.

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Recieved mine this morning, Ontario Canada.

$74.00 + $16.00 USPS duty = $90.00 to my hands...

Good news is I plan on playing the S&*T out of this game so I'll be getting my moneys worth.

I had a notice at my door saying to drop by the post office tomorrow after 1 PM to pick up a package (which I assume is the box). Bringing along $14.39 with me. Seems the duty is slightly lower in Pickering than it is up in cottage country.

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Yes the Game came in the post today , (gaming goodness) , mine was a plastic box... but it sure looks good. Here I am in northern CA USA (Eureka) and having way to much fun , because of the down load it's been on the puter for a week, Now with manual in hand I hope to figure this thing out. The AI stuff it a bit mystifying.

Hopefully some one smarter then me can redo the original CMBO demo battle of the meeting at the cross roads....... the one that started it all. I played it for months till the game came out.........

5 30 11


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From manual:"For mail delivery only versions, the license key is printed on the product itself, usually on the back of the case or the game manual, sometimes inside the case or manual cover, depending on the product. Do not lose this label because we may not be able to retrieve your license key for you if you do!"

I got my license key via mail, but does Stellbox include license key? I can't find it....

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Anyone else still waiting in UK --"Shipped 18 May" and still no sign of steelbox here in Brighton Sx. UK

Well I am about 12 miles North of you and mine arrived this morning. A bright happy postman delivered one complete and undamaged package and didn't ask for any money.

My son (18 years old) got his head out the Montebourg campaign for long enough to have a quick glance at the manual and say, "Nice, but I'll never read it".

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I should have also added that mine arrived in Waterloo, Ontario yesterday without any additional HST or other charges, and in perfect condition. It looks amazing and the first extra slot now holds the original ©2000 CMBO CD until all four expansions come out.

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£37.89 in customs and clearance fee : (

Hopefully they will be delivered tomorrow.

How does that work then? You get charged £37.89 yet I and others in the same legal juristiction just get a happy postman shoving it into our hands with no fees to pay. London really is a dump.

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