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Received mine today in an opened package! The tin box was all dented to hell, but the disk and manual are intact. Guess the guys at the post office were using this one for target practice.

The box is dented because it is made from pieces of an actual Sherman that saw action during Normandy.;)

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I received mine today in Phoenix. I ordered on March 10th. There is no activation code on the box or manual, you find it on the Battlefront site under Account and then your order information for the game.

It really does look very nice! I do wish it came with a cheat sheet with all the keyboard shortcuts that I could mount next to my monitor.

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Got my shipped notification and received the Steel Box here in Austin today.

Be careful closing the box, if the hinge is forward, you could damage your disc.

Luckily I did not, but I see how it could happen.

Good to have a hard copy manual. Font is too small or my eyes are getting old.

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Out of interest for the chaps in the UK, will it likely fit a standard letter box? I was rather hoping it would arrive before tomorrow but now it seems unlikely. I'm away for a couple of weeks and will miss the post!

Can you leave a Hold Mail request with your PO? I do that whenever I am going to be out of town, and then give them a call when I get back to resume deliveries.


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Here at Helsinki, Finland, I got today mail from the post office that I've got mail from Battlefront.com -- but I have to declare it first.

Fortunately the Finnish customs have a web service I can use for declaring. All fine and dandy, but after finishing I got the message that the customs have to process my declaration and they will notify me by e-mail how the process unfolds. AAAAAARGH! BUREAUCRACY, WORSE THAN THE NAZIS!

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