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Interface addition: Marked units with no orders

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Would it be possible to implement a small triangle in one corner of the unit markers, that indicates to the player that said unit has no orders? I am currently trying to play, but everything with a larger amount of units has me struggling, since I always miss to give commands to one unit that I should have and having to check them all over and over again so I am sure that I do not miss one, is kind of time consuming and annoying.

Maybe a list would also work, where you could click on a list of units and it would take you to the selected unit that has no order.

Or am I alone with this problem, because I am missing something/am too impatient?

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Sorry for the bump, but I'd appreciate a reply, if I miss something, or if there is nothing at all present to indicate units that have no orders.

I know about the alt-P key to show all command lines, but on cluttered up units, this is not good enough to indicate if everyone in the bunched up area has a command. This mostly happens on the start of the game.

I tried a tiny battle in a city with infantry only and got about 10+ squads, squeezed into a tiny spot. Also sometimes, I just miss a unit, for whatever reason and wish I didn't click end turn.

I will not bump this again if no reply comes.

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