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I have been living with a chattering sound and playback problem ever since I began playing CM. It seems like what one would have when a peripheral is being accessed and the playback and sound stutter. I just noticed that the new beta load leaves an error log on my directory and I wondered if it might help me identify the problem. Specifically, my sound card is a Creative SB Live card, I am running a PIII 450 with 384M ram. My error log says:

CPU speed rated at 1631

Sound is NOT Microsoft certified

Sound card has memory (K) = 512

K/s download rate to hardware = 0

Software overhead in CPU % = 0

Max # of static buffers that can be mixed = 32

Max # of buffers (static or stream) that can be mixed = 32

Max # of static 3D buffers = 32

# normal sound channels: 3

% CPU usage for standard channels: 0

# 3D sound channels: 9

% Total CPU usage: 0

The rest of the log shows it playing normally. Can anyone spot an anomaly in these first lines of the log?

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Guest Madmatt

Nope , that is all correct for your sound card and system speed.

Are you using the Liveware 3 drivers?

Have you tried going into your sound properties control panel and reduce the level of Direct Sound Acceleration one notch down to STANDARD ACCELERATOIN?

I have seen that clean up stuttering sound in many games.


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