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CMBN Combat legend

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I'm very happy to see combat victories included for units.

Look at my M8 attached, he did quite well for himself...

34 Enemy casualties

1 kubelwagen

2 opel blitz trucks

2 opel blitz (mortar ammo) trucks

Who is your combat legend?


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You know the second task force Raff mission? The squad I sent to the little combat patrol. After they killed the AT gun, I used them as a flanking force against the germans coming in from the South West. Ended the battle 2 men down, with 31 casualties and 4 MIA to their credit, absolutely awesome, and watching them from close down in WEGO was a blast. I so wish this game could have a full replay, I would just watch them the whole time... Damn this game is good!

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I made a video of a brave surviving member of a panzerschreck team with the only remaining AT round in my entire German force destroy a Sherman and gun down 3 escaping crew members with his pistol.

Other than that, I'd say any unit of off-map artillery.

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