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NVIDIA dark screen and resolution

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I have an FX GE FORCE 6200 NVIDIA. After having reinstalled XP SP2 I had experienced the dark screen after loading CM1, 2 and 3. Never before that had happened. Nothing I tried worked and the reading of the technical forum did not help me either.

It was NVIDIA fault or MS. The latest card driver did not resolved the issue.

I was unable to start the game and rather sorry about it.

HERE IS THE ANSWER - Not rational but it works with all 3 CM - Just not once but two times because I have reinstalled XP SP 2 twice (not for the fun I assure you)

What you have to do is quite easy. Once you have installed the CM 1, CM2 or CM 3, when you start it usually you have a blank with the resolution setting you want to set it.

With the dark screen and maybe for you a whistling sound from the speakers there is no way to have it.

Just do a mad minute typing on your keyboard. The sound may appear or disappear a blank may go throught quickly without you being able to say if this is the one you wanted. Don't dispair in the 2 or 3 minutes to come the setting message will be on your screen and the setting done you will enjoy the missions.

An explanation : The mad typing is resetting somehow the card, why I don't know and I don't care since it works for me and I hope for you. Let me know.

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Originally posted by Der Alte Fritz:

Did you try deleting the preferences files from the CMBB or CMAK folder first to reset the screen resolution?

Well no , since it was a new install on a HDD being formated, besides you should find the preferences only in the run repertory of CMAK. I might be mistaken, but you don't find it in CMBO and CMBB. Am I right ?
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