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Voodoo 3 3000 - unable to see new skies.

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There is a thread in the CM general forum started by Maximus, 'Having trouble seeing Tigers new skies etc...'.

It seems, like me, some Voodoo users can't get their systems to display the high-res skies by default, as a result we cannot see the new bmp skies. There may be something we could/should be tinkering with in 3dfx tools? Any help much appreciated.

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I can't see them either gonna buy a new video card. I want a new one anyways! Any suggestion on fixing this problem?


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That's what you get with those 3Dfx cards. They sacrifice quality for speed. That's one of the reasons why they went out of business, IMHO.

I was told to stay away from Voodoo cards even when the Voodoo 3 was the top card in that line because of their lousey GPU.

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