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Please Help Me With My Problem!!!

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Hello guys-

Here's my system:

Sony Vaio PCV-RX760(UC)

BIOS version: BIOS Revision 1003

OS: Windows XP version 5.01.2600

CPU: Intel® Pentium® 4 2200 MHz

System memory: 512 MBytes

Chip set: SIS650_740

Here's my problem:

I go to enter a mission and "Loading 3D Graphics" appears on the screen. That message continues even after it seems that I have entered the game. I hear sounds and have the info bar at the bottom, but the message remains on the screen with a black background. I even move my mouse around and see a blurring of some text on the game screen.

I have tried erasing Quick Time from my system, have repeatedly tried to hit alt+tab, and have tried re-installing and setting up with much smaller screen resolutions, but nothing helps.

After waiting so long to see this game, it's a kick in the teeth to be having problems running the demo with my 2 month old system.

I have downloaded the update for my SIS650_740 driver, but am not sure what to do with it now. As you can tell, i'm a novice.

Any and all help would be GREATLY appreciated.

-Matt Murphy

PS- It was hard for me to follow some of the suggestions on the forum. If you can, please dumb down your suggestion when it comes to what steps to follow.

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What are you playing, CMBO, CMBB or the CMBB Demo ?

The file you downloaded needs to be extracted to a directory (you'll need a program like WinZip to extract the files). Make note of what directory you've extracted the files too (this should be an empty directory before you extract files to it).

The current version from SiS is 2.07k. I suggest downloading the 'full package' set of drivers.

I'd suggest uninstalling your current video drivers before installing the new ones. You can go to the Control Panel and either look for SiS 650 drivers listed in the Add/Remove Programs control panel or you can go to the System control panel > Hardware tab > Device Manager button.. under Displays you should find your video adapter, highlight it and right-click on it for th popup menu. Select 'Uninstall'. You'll probably need to reboot. When prompted to reinstall the video driver again, skip/cancel the function. Go to the directory where you extracted the downloaded video driver and there may be a Setup/Install file to run and hopefully this will install the driver. Otherwise you will need to go back to the Control Panel and run the Add/Remove Hardware control panel. Hopefully the wizard here will be self-explanatory on what you'll need to do.

[ October 01, 2002, 09:22 PM: Message edited by: Schrullenhaft ]

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Did you uninstall the old video drivers before installing the new ones ? If not, then you may want to uninstall the current set, then set your display to 'VGA Save' (a safe mode VGA driver) assuming that XP doesn't recognize the 650 chipset and then install the latest drivers. There'll be several reboots in this process.

The 650 & 740 chipset should work with CM. I've tried the 630 chipset and it worked (if not very fast) with the full version of CMBB. How much memory do you have allocated to the video in the CMOS/BIOS setup ? I suggest setting it to 32 or 64Mb.

I saw the same problem that you're seeing with the 620 chipset drivers (everything but the actual 3D battlefield shows up). In that case I could only assume that between the video drivers and the amount of memory that could be dedicated to the display (8Mb Max) just weren't enough to run CMBB.

Do you have CMBO and have you tried it out on this system (I would assume that it would run) ? If you run the DirectX Diagnostic (C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\DXDIAG) what is the status of the three settings on the Display tab (I assume that AGP Texture Acceleration will be greyed out) ?

Have you tried a different color depth at the desktop ? I'd suggest 16-bit color if you're not already running it.

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I'm sorry. I need better instructions than that. Like I said, i'm a novice.

I think I did, in fact, re-install the old video drivers and then installed the newer "full package." I deleted it by right clicking on the driver and hitting uninstall. I re-booted my computer, which automatically turned the resolution down, and then hit a "setup".exe in the folder I have for the new driver pack. It went ahead and installed it, and then I re-started. And now I see that driver in my "device manager."

The Direct X Diagnostic tests works fine, and none of the three "DirectX Features" are greyed out.

I also tried running in 16-bit color, but that doesn't work either.

How exactly do I increase memory allocation to my video in the CMOS/BIOS setup?

Once again, thank you VERY much for your patience and direction.


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Happystomper, is a video card out of the question budget-wise for you? I mention this because I have a Sony VAIO very similar (but older) than yours, and I know that it has an AGP slot that you can drop a decent 3-D card right into with no fiddling with motherboard switches or BIOS settings (mine holds a Gerforce4 Ti4200 currently).

The difference in terms of game performance is orders of magnitude better with a "real" 3-D card vs. on-board video. Not somewhat better, or twice as good, but 10x better or more.

A Geforce2 MX can be had on-line for about the price of CM ($40-50) if you shop around. If that's out of the question for you, you're not stopped from playing (I'm sure the indefatigable Schrullenhaft will sort you out smile.gif ), but don't underestimate the huge difference that "real" 3-D video support makes. I was absolutely blown away by the difference in changing only this one thing.

- Old Dog

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Thanks you very much for your help guys!

I went and got a new card, and it works beautifully.

Now I just have to try to tear my face away from the computer screen. Any suggestions on how to treat game addiction? tongue.gif

Ian, once again...I owe you a beer. Thanks for your patience!

Now back to the game.....OOOORAHHHHH!!!

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