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Anthology of useful posts on tactics from the old games (CMBO/CMBB/CMAK)

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A few months ago discovered this game and found a great thread that had links to useful tactics discussion threads. I sure looked like a wonderful collection of useful stuff but none of the links worked. It seems some forum maintenance meant the links no longer worked. I searched and found what I feel are probably most of the articles. A few I could not find and some seemed to have more then one relevant thread. After I posted the new anthology in the CM1x game forum, Michael Emrys suggested that once the new game arrives people might find those old articles useful.

I present you with a list of links from the discussion forums for the old games on tactics. I think if you focus on the tactical part of the discussions there are good lessons to be learned from all this. I certainly learned to play better by reading them. The parts that include "game UI instructions" often will have differences in the new game, but if you focus on what the orders mean to the soldiers and how to respond to certain situations there is value in these old discussions.

A Radical New Approach to the Meeting Engagement

Advance to Contact - Techniques

Advance to contact

Advancing troops

Ammo Conservation Tips

Armor vs Armor tactics

Armor vs Armor tactics 2

Assaulting a town (night)

AT Gun Usage

AT Guns in an Offensive Role

AT Guns in an Offensive Role 2

AT Guns in defense

AT Guns vs Tanks duel

Avoiding traffic jams

Avoiding traffic jams 2

Best tank


Building assault tactics

Defending against artillery in a town


Defending 2

Defending 3

Defense tactics

Defensive tactics for artillery bombardment

Entering buildings

Exiting units

Finding MP games

Flame Throwers


German Infantry in the Closed Defense

Going Hull Down

Going Hull Down 2

Going Hull Down 3

Halftrack and Armored Car uses

Company / Battalion HQ's

Hiding Tanks

How to break contact

How to use smoke effectively

Killing Pillboxes

Meeting Engagement Tactics

MGs on the Attack

Morale affects

Mortar Targeting

Mortar Targeting 2

Moving tanks

Night game tactics

Offensive Consolidation Leaving the Armor Free

Panzerschrek unit usage

Priest usage

Purchasing Arty

Rifle squads and buildings

Rushing Tactics

Sharp Shooters


Sneak or crawl

Sneak or crawl 2

Some tips for newbie defenders

Sound Map

Splitting squads

Splitting squads 2

Spotting enemy AT Guns

Squad spacing

Stone Walls

Taking Bridges

Tank Techniques

Tank vs Tank engagements Advice please

Tips on Hiding


Tutorial - Tank vs. Tank

Company HQ Leadership Bonuses (was Using CC bonuses)

Using hunt with tanks

Using Mortars

Which unit to shoot at first

Withdrawal on The Attack (staying Flexible)


Withdrawal 2



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