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The Face !!!.....can you see it now ?

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LOL yes you can... Ahh my question is, what have you been doing the past few hours? LOL Is that not off of the CMAK cover? You had to of been staring at that for a while. Anyways good observation. :)

It just jumped out at me one day when i was playing CMAK, but i never bothered making a big deal out of it, but ive revisited CMAK recently and when i saw it again i decided to post it :)

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you know, I´m a nurse and ehhhh I also had training on a psychatric unit.

just in case you see more of this faces, our hear voices...

I´m here to help.


I can even make out a top set of teeth and a bottom lip :)

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Could it be the ghost of General Stuart of haunted tank fame? Oh wait this is a Grant tank.

The ghost of 19th-century Confederate general J.E.B. Stuart, who is sent by the spirit of Alexander the Great to act as a guardian over his two namesakes, Lieutenant Jeb Stuart (named in the early stories as Jeb Stuart Smith, but eventually just shortened to Jeb Stuart) and the Light Tank M3 Stuart that Jeb commands.

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Looks like someone took Bernard Montgomery, froze him in carbonite, and then mounted him on the side of a tank. Or am I seeing too much into this?

Yes, similar to Han Solos face in TESB, but i would say more Max Headroom than Monty.

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